I would like to introduce you to HopeWorks, Inc., a Texas, non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization founded in 2001 to provide breast cancer sufferers a chance to thrive.


Unlike some breast cancer organizations, our money goes directly to the patients’ needs – no monies are spent on research, political action committees or salaries.  

At the age of 34, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. While no form of cancer is an “easy” diagnosis or process, I was lucky... I had great insurance and disability benefits. 

Some patients are not as fortunate. Many who do not qualify for indigent care fall through the cracks; they have high deductibles and no disability benefits. Often times, a diagnosis of cancer is devastating not only physically, but also financially. Many wonder how they are going to make it through the process. This is where HopeWorks steps in and provides HOPE to those who are faced with so much uncertainty. Since our inception, we have raised over $125,000 to help people who find themselves in this situation. 

With your participation, HopeWorks will continue to better the lives of those suffering from the affects of breast cancer – today.



Donate today to help those struggling with breast cancer. Your generosity helps greatly! 

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Founder + Survivor

I founded HopeWorks to make a difference.

In 2000, I was 34 years old and 6 months into a new marriage.  One evening, I discovered a lump in my breast.  Doctors initially thought the lump was benign, but it wasn't.  I was never considered "high risk," yet I had breast cancer.  I was too young, wasn't I?  Outstanding resources, doctors, and friends supported me through those difficult months.

I very much appreciate my family and friends who continue to support and make a difference.  Thanks to Paul Kenney, my brother-in-law, whose golf tournament suggestion sparked a new purpose for me.

The statistics for breast cancer are sobering.

  • An estimated 40,061 women and 460 men will die from breast cancer this year. It is the leading cause of death for women 35-55 years of age.
  • 12.5% (1 in 8) of all women will get breast cancer.
  • 3% (1 in 33) of women will die from breast cancer.
  • 96% of women who find breast cancer through early detection and receive treatment, will be cancer-free after 5 years 

There is hope. I invite you to participate. Together, we make the difference
— Meredith England

Meredith England

Founder + Survivor

1712 Garrison Drive

Frisco, TX 75033

Phone: 214-310-6728

Email: HopeWorks2000@gmail.com